Significant Growth In Women Who Code

There Has Been A Significant Growth In Women Who Code For  A Living

There are very few women who code and do many of the the stuff that you don’t see on the internet. It’s mostly viewed as another typical ‘boy job’. However when you look at the facts, the numbers are multiplying! And its thanks to Girls Who Code and Black Girls Code, program that promotes more participation by women in computer science programs and careers, more and more females are going into this field of work.

Since they started, .Girls Who Code,  has given more than 3,000 high school-aged girls computer coding instruction, and has also expanded its programs to 24 cities and seen a huge jump in the number of girls participating in its programs from 2013 to 2014. Starting in 2012 with 20 students, Girls Who Code’s two-week Summer Immersion program had 152 participants in 2013 and 375 in 2014. Its after-school club programs are even more popular; in 2014, close to 2,200 girls took part in the the after school program, up from 600 participants the year before.

A recent study by the organization found that 100 percent of its Summer Immersion program alumnae are either majoring or are planning to major in computer science or mechanical/electrical engineering in college. Of that group, 88 percent have plans to major in computer science and named Girls Who Code as their motivation for doing so.

The other notable program out there is Black Girls Code, which aims at the betterment of colored women in the coding field. Currently, Black Girls Code has programs in Atlanta, New York, Memphis, Detroit, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and Johannesburg, South Africa.

Unlike other programs out there that are similar to one another, Girls Who Code and similar programs aren’t in competition and all have one singular focus: expanding the opportunities in the computer industry for those who have not always had a clear path, or even a roadmap, to success.

Source: Pando