Sex Education In Europe Aims To Increase Birthrates

There Has Been A Major Decline In Europe’s Birthrates

Sex and Society is a nonprofit group that provides much of Denmark’s sex education. With numbers rapidly diminishing, they have adjusted their  curriculum. The group no longer has a sole emphasis on how to prevent unwanted pregnancies among the youth,  but now also talks about pregnancy in a more positive light.

This is all a part of a push in in Europe to encourage people to have more babies. Denmark is growing increasingly anxious about low birthrates and so are many other countries in Europe for that matter. These concerns  have been amplified by the region’s financial and economic crisis.

  • The Italian health minister described Italy as a “dying country” in February.
  • Germany has spent heavily on family subsidies but has little to show for it.
  • Greece’s depression hasfurther stalled its birthrate.
  • Denmark, the birthrate has been below the so-called replacement rate needed to keep a population from declining — just over two children per woman — since the early 1970s.

“For many, many years, we only talked about safe sex, how to prevent getting pregnant, suddenly we just thought, maybe we should actually also tell them about how to get pregnant.” –  Marianne Lomholt, the national director of Sex and Society



Productivity gains over time can increase population stresses. For example the declining birthrates can also lead to labor shortages.

Source: NY Times