What Makes A Successful Video by Refinery29’s Head Of Video

Refinery29’s Head of Video, Amy Emmerich wants to bring a whole new level of sophistication to the fashion, beauty and lifestyle channel. Her resume is one to not be taken lightly. She has experience at Scripps Networks and Vice under her belt, and has had steep involvement in developing the original Anthony Bourdain vehicle during her time at Travel Channel, Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations. In an interview conducted by AdWeek, Amy shares her inspirations  as a judge at the Adweek Watch Awards competition, and what she looks for in a successful video.

Adweek: What are three essential ingredients to content that will connect with viewers? 
Emotional connection, practical value and wow factor.

Adweek: When developing content, is it better to involve brand partners/advertising before or after the concept stage? And why?
It’s better to work alongside a brand partner so you can truly integrate that brand’s ideology, goals and aesthetic into an idea. Utilizing our creative innovation and vast data on the modern millennial woman, we can collaborate for a better outcome.

Adweek: Where do you look for inspiration in developing video content? Luckily, the variety of social outlets that exist allow us all to constantly share inspiration. I’m a voracious reader, watcher and onlooker of all things social media. I’m also inspired by the award-winning work of the creative and editorial team at Refinery 29.

Adweek: Who’s the biggest influence on your work, and why?
Wes Anderson and Jim Henson. Two men who think differently and can execute on a strange or bizarre idea to be universally loved and understood.

Source: Adweek