Referrals Can Be Found All Around You

A World Of Referrals

Image: Lars Plougmann | Flickr

Its important to leave a good impression when befriending new people. Why? Because we are all, each and every day, standing in the middle of referrals.

We simply need to put our minds to work in order to hear them. For that to happen, we need to start by listening for the “language of referrals.” Whenever anyone says to you, “I can’t,” “I need,” “I want,” or “I don’t know,” whatever they say next is most likely a referral for someone. These phrases (along with many others) indicate that the person talking is in need of something. That something they need is a possible referral that you can give. If you train your mind to open its filter and recognize those phrases you will almost immediately increase the amount of referrals that you can give to your referral partners.

What you get is what you give, and giving referrals is one of the best ways to start “getting” referrals. Giving referrals begins with opening your mind to hearing all the referrals that are all around us each and every day. When you begin to do that – a whole new world of doing business opens up to you. And remember that the power of word of mouth is immense.

Source: Entrepreneur