Princess of Saudi Arabia Launches Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign!

Princess Reema Is Making History In Saudi Arabia By Launching A Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign!

Many women out there are pioneering breast cancer awareness, even in places where education in this type of topic is lacking. Princess Reema introduced 10KSA (for 10,000 in Saudi Arabia), a far-reaching breast cancer and health awareness campaign that will be an all-day, all-women event on October 24 in Riyadh. An expected highlight for this event is that 10,000 women will be there to form the world’s largest pink humanitarian ribbon on record.

The funds raised from the event will go to support the Zahra Breast Cancer Association, of course, which Princess Reema is a founding board member of. This will be of great benefit to the women of Saudi Arabia! In Saudi Arabia, breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death for women ages 20-59. The structural society plus the stigmas significantly limit education and necessary action in this country. While Saudi women in major cities are generally aware of the need for self-examination and mammograms, there is a need to  encourage, educate and support these steps—and there is extensive work to be done for women in rural areas.

The 10,000-strong pink ribbon will aim to break the record that Saudi Arabia first set and held in 2010 with 4,000 women. It has since been surpassed by India in the later years.

Breaking the world record is really just to symbolize a moment in time, The actual activity that we want to happen from this is that those 10,000 women become ambassadors for health awareness, who will go out into their communities and spread the message of total health.” – Princess Reema


Rania A Razek
Rania A Razek

Source: Fast Company