Partnership Between UN Women And Uber Has Ended

There Are Things That You Just Can’t Sugar Coatuber

The partnership between UN Women and Uber was dismissed after UN Women found the actual purpose of their collaboration.

Uber prides itself in developing, marketing and operating a app-based taxi-like transportation network in which people are given the option to have a driver take them anywhere in the city at any given time. Uber is quite the infamous company as its drivers have been accused of rape and sexual assault on multiple continents.The company  also allegedly tried to smear the women who accused its drivers of those attacks, and even it’s  CEO has suggested that his company should be called “Boober” because of all the tail he allegedly gets. They even tried to smear  a female journalist (Pando’s Sarah Lacy) because she was too critical of the company.

In midst of all these accusations of which some were found to be true, Uber needed some turnaround and thats why they decided to launch  a $1,000,000 fund to help young female journalists choose a different career, like nursing or salt mining. Once the UN Women were shown that Uber’s intentions were only to sugar coat their crimes, they had to back out of any collaboration.

I [want] to assure you that UN Women will not accept the offer to collaborate on job creation with Uber,” Phumzile Miambo-Ngcuka said in a speech to the UN

Source: PSI Global Union