Mother Speaks Out On Video To Boy Harassing Her Daughter

When a mother speaks out that’s when you have to be careful! Below is a video of a mother that is just about fed up with a young boy who is pestering her daughter to date him. Though she is flattered that someone finds her daughter attractive she does NOT appreciate the way that he continues to ask her again and again though she has already said no. She speaks about picking up basic understanding of cues and when someone says no, you must respect that. Anyone can change their mind after they have made a decision and they have every right to do so without being pressured into making that decision. This mother also says that after so many times of asking you have basically begun to harass someone. One of the most interesting things that this concerned mother brings up is not to address someone about their discomfort when asking them to date you, it is out of the question to discuss! She offers him some advice on what to do if he is struggling with the fact that her daughter does not want to date him and gives him healthy alternatives for coping with it. This mother offered genuine but firm advice to someone that may need it, and the video has gotten a lot of attention! What do you think?