Migrant Women Revolutionising The Food Industry

These Migrant Women Are Changing The Food Industry!

Mazí Mas is not only a roaming restaurant, but it serves also as a refuge for migrant women. They offer migrant women paid employment in an job market that is not easy to get into. They use their finely-tuned culinary skills many of them have developed. Many of these women have decades under their belt when it comes to their cooking.

The organization’s founder Niki Kopcke understands the difficulties facing migrant women from a young age. Her Greek godmother, Maria Marouli, who moved to the US in the 1960s  with a dream of opening her own bakery but was unable to do so.

“Like many other migrant women, my godmother had incredible cooking skills because she’d been cooking for her family for years,” “But she had a very classically patriarchal Greek husband who thought that women should stay home, take care of the children and cook.” -Kopcke tells HuffPost UK Lifestyle.

Source: Huffington Post