Madonna Supports The Fight Against Instagram Censorship

Madonna Is A Rebel

Madonna Instagram

Madonna has never been one to be ashamed to show off her assets. Just recently, she’s been inspired by fellow toned exhibitionist Rihanna and has taken to  Instagram, posting a topless photo of herself that was later taken down by the social-media platform. Quite the rebel!

RiRi, Grace Coddington, and Scout Willis know that when you free the nipple, you pay the price, but like her brave, naked Insta-sisters, Madonna isn’t giving up without a fight and a well-employed hashtag. She posted a full nude shot of herself last night (58,700 likes and counting) with only her nipples covered and the following caption:

Why is it OK to show ass but not breasts? Drowning in the hypocrisy of social media #artforfreedom #unapologeticbitch #rebelheart”

It’s silly! Is this going to be the moment when Instagram finally changes its rules?

Source: NYMag