Celebrities Are Flocking To This $170 Face Oil

Why Celebrities Can’t Get Enough Of Linda Rodin’s Face Oil

Image: The Daily Beast

Linda Rodin was a 60’s model who was seeking to amplify her beauty.

It began in her bathroom. She had vials of essential oils lined up on the sink. Linda Rodin mixed them carefully, incrementally, with the precision of a DNA scientist. Five drops, two drops, sniff, she wouldn’t stop  until she’d concocted enough of the sweet-smelling stuff to rub all over her body.After her modeling years, Rodin had been working as a fashion stylist for 30 years when, in 2007, she applied the same concoction while dressing celebrities and supermodels (Cher, Madonna, Halle Berry, and Gisele were just some of the people  given the Rodin treatment).

After that, EVERYONE sought to have a portion of her potion. Hollywood royalty lined up for vials of her liquid gold.

It wasn’t until her nephew asked how much she charged for a bottle of her unique moisturizer that she realized she could start to make serious bank from it.

Today, the product goes for $170 for a one-ounce bottle—smaller than a shot glass—of the coveted facial oil.

Beauty giant Estée Lauder had been rumored to be working with Rodin Olio Lusso for an undisclosed sum in October. The beauty empire was  calling it the “ultimate ‘insider’ beauty brand” and noting its “potential to be a high-growth global skincare brand that strategically enhances our portfolio.”

It really helped that the 67 year old Rodin actually looks 57. Which, considering the generations she’s lived in, is pretty damn good.

“Everybody smoked in the ’50s,” says Rodin, wearing her signature oversized black Celine sunglasses.

Source: The Daily Beast