Linda Rodin On Timeless Beauty, What She Had Learned From Her Mother

Yes, Linda Rodin woke up like this. 

You would think that the 67-year-old fashion stylist, model and face oil guru had to go through a series of delicate treatments everyday. WRONG! She has a surprisingly simple morning routine.

Rodin doesn’t take all the credit for her look. While growing up, she learned the value of signature lipstick because her mother, Beatrice, refused to leave the house without it — even if she was just driving her kids to school in her nightgown. Recently, Rodin has been inspired by the smell of her late mother. She took it upon herself to recreate it for her latest fragrance, Rodin Bis, which you can find at Barneys.

“My mother smelled like a powder puff; she smelled like lipstick; she smelled like peppermint; she smelled like cigarettes; she smelled like Juicy Fruit gum,” Rodin said. “She just smelled so wonderfully 1950s.”

Source: Huffington Post

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