Journey To Re-Picture Women Is Thriving

The Movement To Re-Picture Women As More Powerful Has Been Successful

There has been an ongoing movement to re-picture women known as the Lean In collection. Now Jonathan Klein and Sheryl Sandberg (CEOs of Getty Images and COO of Facebook respectively) reflect on the cultural change driven by Lean In image collection.

The Lean In collection was launched in February of last year with one goal in mind: to re-picture female power and the bursting of visual gender stereotypes. In that year, the collection exceeded their expectations with flying colors. The sales off the 2,500 images have skyrocketed, and all images have been licensed in over 65 countries, not to mention the press they have been getting from places such as New York Times and BBC News.

People across different organizations, cultures, and continents stretched outside their comfort zones and limits to pool their time and talent toward creating beneficial and optimistic for the world. The Lean In collection was successful because it had meaning. It is helping us visualize a world in which equality thrives. There will be more female protagonists that are true leaders and are more complex, more surprising, because that’s how things are in reality, people just choose to ignore it.

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