Instagram’s Has A New ‘Layout’ Photo Collage App

Out With The Old Layouts, In With The New Layout


The masterminds over at Instagram have produced something amazing. On Monday, the company announced a new app that lets you fuse your photos together to make collages.

The new app, Layout, is available Monday for free on iOS devices. It lets you flip, rotate, and mirror photos. In addition, there are several layout options to choose from. If you were thinking of something over the top, then maybe it was over the top of Mt. Everest because this app is aimed at simplicity. There are no borders or stickers available for you to add to your photos. Don’t worry! There will still be filters.

Like most apps these days, it has a “Face” feature that will scan your picture to detect faces of your friends.  There’s also a feature called “Photo Booth,” which seems to work just like, well, a photo booth — it shoots up to four pictures in rapid succession, everything else is all up to you.

The limit on these is 9 photos per collage. You can also zoom into photos and adjust them to make sure you get just the right part of the picture for your collage.

Source: Washington Post