How To Boost Your Self Confidence

Image: LifeCoach
Image: LifeCoach

Have you ever wondered how all the confident people out there got to be so confident? Don’t question the fact that you have insecurities, its just a fact of life. While you may not ever be able to break all of your insecurities, you CAN help reduce them to boost your self confidence.

1. Smiles are intoxicating.

Have you ever seen an ugly face smiling? Smiling makes you feel good. It fools your mind into being happier. When you feel good, you’re more likely to think you – as a whole being – are good.

As your mood becomes elevated, so will your confidence. Now you will be less fixated on that self-damaging inner monologue, and more absorbed in appreciating where you currently are.

2. Recognise your short-comings

Confident people know who they are, what they are, and what they do well. A part of being confident is is knowing what you don’t do so well. Be real, and this will open up the door to a whole new level of self confidence.

Here is why you will get a self confidence boost:

  1. You will know what you can improve on. Knowing you don’t do well at something gives you the insight to actively do something about it. If you’re unaware that you don’t do something very well, you won’t be able to work on it – it’s as simple as that.
  2. You know what you’re capable of. By knowing this, you can easily avoid situations where your confidence may take a blow by these short-comings because you’re already aware of them!
  3. Knowing where you fall short puts your skills on the spotlight. We can’t all excel at absolutely everything, but this just helps us to appreciate where we excel even more.
  4. We can hand over what we can’t do well, to those who will do it well.

You’re not a perfect being. We all make mistakes and its okay!

3. Wear your best dress

Be comfortable in what you’re going to wear. We all have a ‘best dress.’ It’s not always a dress, of course, it can be a shirt, a tie, a pair of shoes, or whatever. It doesn’t matter what it is. Just find that object that makes you feel good and wear it. Soak it in, knowing you look good.

4. Ditch the comparisons

If you try to be or act like someone you’re not, it will come off as that. Only you can be the best you that you can be.

  • You have not walked the same path as the person you are comparing yourself to.
  • You have not had the same opportunities as the person you are comparing yourself to.
  • You’re not working with the same set of tools as the person you are comparing yourself to.

There will be places that you excel, where others will fall short. There will be places that you fall short, where others will excel. Set your own standards and don’t care about anyone else’s.

5. Let go of other people’s expectations

A lot of insecurity stems from holding yourself to a standard that someone else made up. The society we live in has set up these invisible standards that are being upheld unfairly. You MUST be better than the last, is what they say. Sweetie, if they don’t know you personally, their expectation  of you is irrelevant. It should never be how you define your worth. You know what you’re going through, you know what you’ve been through, so only you truly can know what it is you are capable of.

Once you realise that a lot of this unease in yourself has been because you’ve been trying to prove yourself to someone who can never truly understand you, you’ll be able to be more confident of your own skills.

6. List 10 things that you like about yourself

Don’t focus on your negative qualities, instead, try to amplify your best ones. Sit down and write 10 things that you love about yourself. Maybe even write 10 examples of what you’ve done over the course of your life that reflect these 10 qualities.

7. Be prepared

In this world, you have to be prepared for ANYTHING. When you are prepared, you’re going to be more confident with the situation you’re going into. o it.

Preparation will lead you to security in the situation. (Confidence!)

8. Gear the conversation to a topic you know

When it comes time to let your knowledge roll out of you, please do talk about what you DO know. We are no libraries, but whatever you are familiar with, expand on it.

Relate to what others are telling you. One of the ways to put yourself out there, is to listen, understand, interpret, and relate.

Practice it on friends first if you don’t feel confident doing it with strangers, every step you take towards practising this will increase your confidence in social situations exponentially.

9. Identify your passions in life

There’s something about passion that brings out the most complex beauty within people. That moment when your eyes are full of awe and wonder, completely captivated by the moment, caught up in an inner sense of purpose and a burning desire.

Once you’ve found your passions, you’ll find direction. You’ll have meaning.

If you know what you’re passionate about, you’ll always have a reserve of confidence at your disposal.

10. Ask other people for their opinion on you

Find someone you’re close with and ask them what they think of you. Perhaps its only you who can see your flaws, after all, oneself is one’s toughest critic. Listen to all the loving things they have to say about you. Listen as they point out all of your awesome points, that they see, rather than the flaws that you see.

Once they’ve given you their opinion of you, try to understand it. Try to accept it. Try to realise that very few people, if any at all, are looking at you and seeing these flaws you’ve identified in your head. They’re seeing you when you’re not caught up in all this self-damaging monologue. There’s a beauty to you that you’re often blind to.

11. Be yourself

When you are simply yourself, you’ll realize that all the masks you’ve worn were only ever holding you back from being confident.

Owning who you are frees you from comparisons and judgement, because you are what you are. Who cares what others think!

Deep down, you’re aware you have talents, worth and a unique value to bring to every situation. You just need to peel off the insecurity that you learned and allow that confidence to shine.



Inspired by : LifeHack