How Most People Are Meeting Their Significant Other These Days

You Can Rest Assured That There Is Still Enough Fish In The Sea

Lauren Pearlstein

Did you know that online dating now constitutes a $2.2-billion-dollar industry? Wow those are quite the numbers. It seems that every time we visit the app store, there’s another newly-launched app that promises to help us meet “The One” — or at least find a companion for the evening.

Well here are the latest news,  Mic just posted a publication that surveyed 2,373 coupled 18-to-34-year-olds and found that a relatively slim 9.4% reported meeting their S.O. on “online dating websites or apps”.  Compare this with 38.6% who reported finding their partners “through friends in common.”

Yup you guessed it, the single most common way to meet a significant other is through your pals.

So if you think that if you’re dating, but not online-dating, you’re missing out.

Of the survey respondents, 22.3% met their partners “out in a social setting,” while 17.9% met theirs through work, leaving an overwhelming total of 78.8% who met their partners IRL (in real life). Meanwhile, 5.8% of respondents reported meeting their significant others on social media, while 6% responded “other.” As to what that might mean, your guess is as good as ours. Count this all as good news if Plenty of Fish isn’t your style — or if OkCupid has failed you one too many times.

It looks like a real-life offline love story is still a real possibility.


Source: Refinery29