Hardworking Home Office Makeover

Tips To Give Your Home Office A Much Needed Makeover


That uninviting stack of papers is only gonna stress you out even more. I suggest you lighten up your office space with a little pazzaz! If you find yourself sifting through stacks of loose paper when tax time rolls around or feel your desk is home to clutter rather than creativity, it might be time to get organized… with style.

Before : office2

1. Give It That Inviting Touch

Remember this is still a part of your home, make it homey! You’ll be more likely to work harder if your space isn’t so crammed! A home is no place for cubicle-style furnishings. Add a rug, a standout chair, flowers, artwork, and a throw to make the space comfy and cozy.

2. Design Your Own Little Area

Use  paint or wallpaper to carve out a “room” for your office when it’s part of a larger area like a bedroom. Here, Benjamin Moore’s Nile Green was used to add energy and the illusion of architecture to a nook.office3

3. Up The Shelf Ante

Ain’t nobody got time for filing cabinets! Try to fill a sliver of wall or a nearby nook with bookcases or built-in shelving to increase storage space. Even a narrow shelf can add a bit of interest to the wall while freeing up valuable desk space.

4. Make Your Tools Pretty

Use file boxes, cups, and caddies to control clutter, add color, and express your personal style. Well-designed office extras, such as gold scissors or a stylish stapler, can double as desktop decor.office4

5. De-Stress Your Drawers

The less junk there is in your drawers, the easier you will find what you need. And even if you have tons of tools in there, organization will benefit you greatly. There’s something so relaxing about knowing where everything is and goes. Taking the time to sift through those desk drawers filled with nonworking pens, bits of paper, and your old iPhone will make you more efficient in the long run.

Source: OneKingSlane