Getting A Caftan Summer Body

Summer is coming up and you know what that means! Women’s publications are in full bikini-body crisis mode. For example, a Vogue headline blares, “How to Get a Beach Body in Two Weeks.” Self magazine might as well display a visible forehead vein: Get that bikini body or else! These articles emphasize a ridiculous regimen of salt-reduction, dry brushing, and tiny, fishy meals. They will even throw in a “cheat day” to make you feel better but overall these prescriptions do not spell “summer fun.”

What is pleasurable? Well, don’t mind the  suggestion but getting a caftan body will make you feel more of classy woman. Below is The Cut’s steps to getting yourself caftan-ready for the warmer months.

1. Select a caftan of your chosen gauge and length. Stroke its gauzy fabric and whisper into its folds.

2. Let your flesh settle into the crevices of your comfortable, comfortable caftan.

3. Crumbs? Let them fall where they may, swaddled in your caftan.

4. Throw out your razor.

5. Throw out your bra.

6. Throw out the aloe vera lotion you bought last summer. You will not be getting sunburned this summer.

7. Release your inhibitions. Feel the rain on your skin.

caftan caftan2 caftan3 caftan4


Source: The Cut