Paradise Locations To Travel Single

Sometimes it’s even better to get out there and discover life yourself. If you’re plotting your next adventure stag, here are some of the best spots for a little one-on-one time with you.


Australia is a fantastic choice of destination for solo travelers. Australians are travelers by nature and understand the call of the road, so they are more than welcoming to solo adventurers. Australia is also one of the safest countries in the world, plus there are very few language barriers for English-speaking travelers.



The “Land of Smiles” sounds like a wonderful place for travelers hitting the road on their own. It is home to warmest people in the world. Thailand packs a punch to the senses with its colorful street markets, frenetic urban scenes and sizzling street food to calming, electric-blue water dotted with limestone cliffs and lush jungles surrounding rice paddies.


This is THE chic city and is easy to navigate. Solo travelers ought to make a beeline for the Bellavista or Lastarria neighborhoods, which are packed with trendy bars, restaurants and street cafes. Make your way Patagonia for stunning hiking or boat cruising along the fjords to marvel at towering glaciers.



The feeling of loneliness simply disappears in Costa Rica. Jungles and beaches provide just the right amount of alone time when you aren’t zip lining, hiking volcanoes or soaking in hot springs. Perhaps try one a yoga retreats or learn to surf at a surf school. Costa Rica is one of the world’s most peaceful countries, it doesn’t even have an army because it doesn’t need one.
Sources – Getty Images