Female Gamers Open Up About The Discrimination In The Gaming Industry

Female Gamers Have Had ENOUGH!

Shannon Hugginson GTFO


“GTFO,” a documentary premiered today at the South by Southwest festival in Austin Texas. Although statistics say that Today’s game-playing audience is split nearly 50/50 along gender lines, they don’t tell you the full story.

In “GTFO”, many female gamers open up about what it is like to be a female gamer. Women that were quoted in the film talk about receiving rape and death threats as if it’s a common, everyday occurrence. What the f?

Shannon Hugginson GTFO

One really cringy scene in the documentary is when it shows a male gamer who smells the hair of a woman at a gaming tournament in a very disgusting manner. The film breaks down the causes for such inappropriate behavior, takings its viewers into a world where being different — being female — can be met with animosity.

“For me, at least, I never thought of games as just another form of media. I thought of them as something that I personally couldn’t do,I don’t have that hand-eye coordination. I didn’t grow up playing tons of games. They seemed exclusive. I think a lot of people feel that way.”  Director of GTFO Shannon Sun-Higginson

“If you’re a woman in gaming and you watch this movie, what should be the take-away? I guess what we decided upon was that the women who are in this movie and are still in the industry — women who have received threats — are incredibly strong and impressive people.”

Source: HeroComplex

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