‘Fat Girl Dancing’ Has A Message To Spread

Love Yourself.

“Fat Girl Dancing” star Whitney Thore is a big girl and she isn’t afraid to admit it!

Her weight gain came about very suddenly while she was a freshman in college. She was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome. Whitney says she gained 100 pounds that year alone. She admits however, that her idea of self image has always been a struggle for her even when she was thin, in fact she was prom queen! She highlights the fact that struggles with self image is not limited to overweight women, but all women. Though the word “fat” has been rather shunned upon, Whitney is currently embracing it.

After realizing that it isn’t your weight that determines whether someone is amazing or not, she picked up dancing again, something that she had previously quit due to her weight. Today’s society views ‘fat’ people as something disgusting and the show Michelle stars in highlights the looks from people when she tries on bathing suits. Michelle is sending messages of embrace and self worth. Though she is trying to lose weight herself, she feels that weight should not be the determining factor of anyone’s happiness. She mentions that she is aware of the risks associate with obesity and explains that she isn’t interested in being thin, being healthy is her goal. Her message is inspiring and as she says, you have to get out of your comfort zone to gain the confidence you need in order to be happy. Best of luck to her and her new show!

Source: TODAY