Facebook Faces Lawsuit After Allegations Of Sexual Harassment

Facebook Is Getting Sued For Sexual Harassment!

Chia Hong, a former employee of Facebook, filed a lawsuit this week against Facebook accusing the company of gender and racial discrimination as well as sexual harassment. She is represented by lawyers who are also invovled in another sexism case.

Hong claims she suffered three full years of harassment while working for the giant company as a program manager and technology partner. Allegedly, she was wrongfully terminated in October 2013 after she complained about being harassed and discriminated against by her boss, Anil Wilson, because of her gender, race and Taiwanese nationality.

Facebook has denied each and every one of Hong’s allegations.

“We work extremely hard on issues related to diversity, gender and equality, and we believe we’ve made progress, in this case we have substantive disagreements on the facts, and we believe the record shows the employee was treated fairly.”– Facebook Spokesman