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Connect To Your Inner Goddess!

Last summer I was going through a tough patch and needed some extra inner strength and support. A resilient woman at my best, the challenge I found myself confronted with was draining all of my resources. So, I sought the help of one of my inner goddesses – in this case Durga, a powerful Hindu warrior goddess of spiritual strength, creation and protection.


I would meditate visualizing her image, and I would repeat the mantra associated with invoking her energy. One morning after a long beach walk focusing on the qualities of her courage and empowerment, I stepped into my favorite yoga class. Mat cradled in my weary arms I settled on a spot. Directly in front of me was a window and under it a basket of yoga blocks and blankets.

Moments later another teacher came into the studio and began to search the basket for blocks. Surprised, she picked up a copper statue from the basket and said “Durga – what are you doing face down in a basket of blocks? You don’t belong there!” She then lovingly placed the eight armed warrior goddess icon on the window sill directly in front of me!  During my entire practice that morning Durga’s eight arms embraced me as if to say “I am here” and she confirmed what I already knew, that whatever I needed for my challenge was already in me because I was asking for it so passionately.

At your source life is simply energy expressing itself in creative and uniques ways. In the tantric philosophy the powerful divine feminine in us expresses itself as Shakti – the creative energy that gives movement and life to the manifestation of the material world. In order to better connect with these energies we are introduced to deities – or archetypes – who embody qualities we can understand and invite into our lives.  Meet a few of your inner goddesses!

LAKSHMI – Appreciate and embrace your beauty and be generous with the gifts that you have to offer out into the world


SARASWATI – Be inspired by your inner intuition and express yourself in beautiful and unique ways through language, art and music.


PARVATI – The Goddess of Fertility.  Receive the beauty of partnership into your life, sharing and connecting with another on your journey.

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KALI – Ignite a personal revolution, fiercely break away and accept much needed changes in your life required for your spiritual evolution.


Our inner goddess is the big sister who tells us that we look amazing in our new jeans and we believe her because just yesterday she pointed out that we had on too much makeup.  She is the best friend who knows we need a juicy hug without even having to ask. She is the cheerleader we need when we are about to make that big presentation at work. She is the boss who ignites us to reach beyond our comfort zone. She is our wise grandmother advising us before that difficult conversation. She waits deep, deep inside at our core where all our strength, intuition, love, wisdom, light and beauty reside – waiting for us to call on her so that she can rise up to the surface of our life and serve.

We all carry aspects of each of the goddess energies inside ourselves. Some are more dominant than others, but we need all of them at different points in our life journey.  Think of yourself as the heroine of your own epic story, and each goddess will emerge at some point to assist you through the dark forest of challenges and transitions, and inspire and bring meaning to the joyful, easy times. The goddesses are awakened through ritual, festival, meditation, mantra, chanting, journaling, dance, yoga, and visualization.

The strength of the divine feminine shakti does not arise from muscling through a challenge or task – it arises from a source much more powerful. It arises from a place where we really know ourselves, trust ourselves, love ourselves and move through our lives with grace, integrity and authenticity.

Where are you in your journey today? Maybe you are in a transition and need to release the things you no longer need so that you can move forward. Or you are feeling a little insecure and need to acknowledge the abundance of your beauty and your gifts. Are you are working on a creative project and need inspiration and trust in your intuition?  A breakup or divorce may ask you to access inner strength and empowerment. Or perhaps you find yourself falling in love and want to awaken the generosity of your heart and the erotic sensuality brought about by being devoted to another.

6 Steps to invoke your inner goddess. What qualities do you need more of in your life right now? 

  1. Create space in your home where you feel calm, safe and comfortable.  Maybe buy yourself flowers, light a candle, lay our pillow or a blanket. Include a journal or a drawing pad if think you may want to make notes later.
  2. Cleanse your physical energy by either bathing with sea salt, practicing yoga asana, going for a long walk outside, making a cup of tea or any other activity that brings you a feeling a calmness, groundeding and inner peace.
  3. Decide which goddess you wish to invite into your space or create one of your own.
  4. Place yourself comfortably either lying down or seated.  Take time to make yourself as comfortable as possible. Close your eyes. Begin to visualize the goddess.  What does she look like to you? Be very specific. What is she wearing? What color is her hair?
  5. Imagine that you and the goddess are are sitting together.  Where are you, on a mountaintop or in a garden? What type of chairs are you sitting on?  She begins to speak and shares her story with you. When she is finished she looks into your eyes and sends a beam of energy from her eyes directly into the center of your chest.  The light extends out to your edges and fills every cell of your body with her energetic intention. Open your eyes and allow yourself to integrate the energy from the visualization.
  6. Journal your experience, do a portrait sketch of your goddess visit, or simply sit quietly and meditate.

Now that the energy is sealed into your body you can awaken it any time you need. The more you connect with the energetic of your inner shakti the more fluently it will begin to flow. The more clearly the goddess is invited out into the light of your life, the more she will unfold from within you until you begin to embody her energy.  

Your are a dynamic, empowered, gracious multifaceted diamond holding all the lights and colors of the rainbow. You are a goddess – embrace your authentic inner strength and beauty!



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