All To Often We Compare Ourselves To Our Skinnier, Prettier, Taller Friends, and Celebs

Article By: Fiona Russell for Femde

Photo Credit: @NAZANINMANDI Instagram

What woman hasn’t looked in a magazine, stared at the TV or gazed in a mirror and wished she had Scarlett Johansson’s nose (the most coveted nose in the plastic surgeons office), Sofia Vergara’s hair or Gisele Bunchen’s legs?  Some women in South Korea actually pay for a torturous surgery where their legs are broken, steel plates inserted and the skin grows up around the steel plates – giving them a few inches of extra height.  Asian women have eye surgery so their eyes are bigger and rounder.  Is this to meet “Hollywood’s standard of beauty” or brainwashing from the media’s idea of perfection. Maybe a bit of both.

In today’s looks obsessed world, we are constantly bombarded with images of beauty.  Women have judged themselves harshly against other women since blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe to pin up Farrah Fawcett posters and everything in between.  In the 90’s it was the “bone is in” Kate Moss silhouette to the healthier Cindy Crawford and Christie Brinkley all American aesthetic.


The current “booty fascination” with Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez has lead women to booty implants and life threatening injectables.  Magazines and TV shows give us impossible standards to keep up with. Keep in mind that PHOTOSHOPPING is very much alive and well in our times.  Kim K allegedly pays her personal photo shopper $100,000 a year to ‘fix’ every single Instagram pic she posts.  You think the Victoria Secret catalogue Angels actually looks like that in real life?

Today’s society places impossible demands on women in the beauty department.  You have to keep your girlish figure or resort to a lifetime of diets, liposuction and lap band surgery.   And all too often we compare ourselves to our skinner, prettier, taller friends.  Some of us even harbor resentment towards them which is totally based on looks and what their looks have gotten for them in their lives (higher pay, richer, hotter partners and social status).  Sometimes we even take our frustrations out on our friends by over complimenting them and looking for any and all insecurities that come out when we point out their fabulous boobs, hair or skin.

It’s time to stop comparing ourselves to every other woman we see and work with what we’ve got.  And that doesn’t necessarily mean resorting to plastic surgery.  Loving yourself – extra curves, bad complexion, cellulite and all is something that we as women need to accept.   As women we are blessed in that we can use make up and clothing to minimize our conceived flaws more than men can.  Hair thinning?  Buy a fab wig and rock it!  Upper arms on the chunky side?  Cover them up or pick up those 3lb. weights during the day.  Big nose? Contour that honker!  Cellulite? Get a tan and wear a sarong on the beach.  Or simply surrender to age and time, go au naturel and find a way to stop comparing and become the most beautiful person on the inside that you can be. Life will be so much better if you can do that one thing.

Be Kind To Yourself