Championship Medalist Brenda Martinez Shares Her Training

A Few Pointers From A Professional Athlete

rise and run

Brenda Martinez is an American track-and-field athlete. She is a world championships medalist, and thanks to, is sharing her forms of training with the world.

During a typical week, what does your fitness routine entail?

 “A typical week of training consists of 75-80 miles.”

How does your city influence your workouts?

“I reside in Big Bear Lake, CA, which is a mountainous town that sits at an elevation of 6,750 ft. Living and training at altitude has its benefits, but I do my harder workouts down at sea level.”

What trails/parks in your city do you frequent? What about these trails/parks do you love?

“I do a lot of my easy runs on the Alpine Bike Path, which is a scenic trail by our town’s lake. It’s a time of reflection so I don’t like to wear a watch and instead enjoy my run, the view, and the smell of pine.”

What are your go-to spots for post-workout rewards?

“After a long training session, I will have some sort of recovery bar to hold me over until I can get a solid meal in. I like to recover at different places, so I’ll eat everything from Vietnamese food to Mexican food. I feel like it’s more than just eating though, it’s the time I spend with loved ones.”

Do any of your workouts and/or go-to fitness locations offer a great view of the city in which you live?

“Big Bear Lake is a resort town known for its nature, its lake, and its various ski resorts so there are no training facilities like an all-weather track, but the town does offer many trails and bike paths. It’s very close to major cities in southern California, but tucked away from all busy distractions, which I find pleasant especially for training.”

Have you tried any innovative workouts recently?

“I do a lot of my supplemental workouts from home. I have plyometric boxes, hurdles, suspension bands, and lights weights from which I do in my backyard.”

What fitness apparel do you wear when training?

“Being a sponsored athlete from New Balance, I get unlimited gear and that is all I wear. I love the new lines.”

What are the best free workouts in your city?

“I work out in nature so it’s all free. No need for a gym membership.”

Any hidden gems in your city?

“There is a hidden lake in the woods called Bluff Lake. It’s a flat mile loop with a wood chip surface, and because it’s higher in elevation, it’s harder to run there. It is one of the most beautiful spots I have ever seen.”

What New Balance shoes/gear get you through each of your workouts?

“I use the New Balance 880v4 trainers to do the bulk of my runs, but for training I use specific shoes for certain workouts. My to-go shoes for my long runs are my  Fresh Foam Zantes as they are a light trainer with a great response.”