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    Learn To Accept What Is Happening Around You

      Life is your own adventure, no one else will have the same experience as you because you are unique. Even in the worst of days,  you can shift gears, expand your energy, and restore your flow. Be still, take a breath, and say ,“I accept.” TWO WORDS THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE When you […]

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    Reasons Why Affairs Happen

    Affairs Seem To Be Common These Days, But WHY Do They Happen? Affairs have been around since biblical times, and to this day are still happening. The odd thing however, is that they’re becoming something of a common nature. While discussing her discussing her hot new best-seller about middle age In Your Prime: Older, Wiser, […]

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    Women Between The Ages Of 18-24 Watch More Porn Than Men

    Women Between The Ages of 18 to 24 Watch More Porn Than Men So did you think that men watch more porn than women? Well you’re right! BUT-… not when it comes to the ages between 18 and 24. According to a Vocativ and Pornhub study, women aged 18 to 24 are watching five percent […]