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    One More Reason To Eat A Plant-Based Diet

    Another REAL Reason Why You Should Eat A Plant-Based Diet If you’re a vegetarian, then there are some good news for you!All those plants you’re eating may cut your risk for colorectal cancer (which is the second leading cause of cancer death in the U.S.) by about 20 percent. Do you know of any other […]

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    Migrant Women Revolutionising The Food Industry

    These Migrant Women Are Changing The Food Industry! Mazí Mas is not only a roaming restaurant, but it serves also as a refuge for migrant women. They offer migrant women paid employment in an job market that is not easy to get into. They use their finely-tuned culinary skills many of them have developed. Many of these […]

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    Scientific Study Suggests That Drinking One Glass Of Wine Can Make You Appear More Attractive

    Next Time, Only Drink ONE Glass Of Wine Before Mingling According to Cornishman reports, a group of researchers at Bristol University have found a suggestion that drinking wine can make you appear more attractive to potential suitors. How did they do this research? Well they conducted a study by asking 40 students to drink alcohol and then photographed them after […]

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    Hospitalized Children Lip Sync To Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”

    Hospitalized Children Lip Sync To Taylor Swifts “Shake It Off”! Staff and patients at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia celebrate Child Life Month in an impressive way. They have the hospitalized children lip sync to Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” and create a video of it! One of the hospital’s primary goals is to bring more attention to […]

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    5 Easy Tips That Will Maximize Your Nap

    Need Help In Taking Healthy Naps? Taking a nap is like restarting your computer, sometimes you just need to do it in order to feel that feeling of re-freshness. Naps are amazing because they can recharge your batteries during the day, if for any reason they are giving out on you. 1. Coffee “Naps” According […]

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    Princess of Saudi Arabia Launches Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign!

    Princess Reema Is Making History In Saudi Arabia By Launching A Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign! Many women out there are pioneering breast cancer awareness, even in places where education in this type of topic is lacking. Princess Reema introduced 10KSA (for 10,000 in Saudi Arabia), a far-reaching breast cancer and health awareness campaign that will be an […]

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    We Want To Know If You Find This Woman Gutsy or Not!

    We’ve all been cat-called, we’ve all been starred at inappropriately, but how many of us have been touched in an aggressive and unwanted way? Felt your dignity plummet when his hands touched your body apologetically and unwantedly? Have you spoken up or did you try to get out of the situation as swiftly and safely […]

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    The Only Chart You Need To Help Identify Victims Of Sexual Assult

    This week Harvard banned sex between students and teachers. Yale banned it back in 2010 and the University of Connecticut in 2013. The consensual sex between undergrads and any professor is leading the dialogue between what is considered appropriate and consensual when one of the participants are in a position of power. This will also, […]