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    Sex-Ed Quiz Gets Teen Gets Suspended For Brilliantly Answering

    This is how one teen responds when her partner objects to condoms. user dogsandcatsandlemursohmy posted her younger sister’s responses to a Sex Ed quiz. According to her,  her 14 year old sister was suspended for her sassy comebacks to any objections a sexual partner might raise to using a condom, like “Don’t worry, I’m on the pill” […]

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    A QUICK Guide For A Sexy Instagram-Ready Body

    Start on a nutritious diet. All you really need to do this is to stay motivated and watch what you eat! Remember that one pound equals 3500 calories. Reduce your daily calorie intake by 500 calories per day. Protein is gold. Stay away from high carbohydrate meals and sugar. By all means trade that soda for some […]

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    72 Year Old Yoga Master Ages Gracefully While Staying Spiritually Young

    72-year-old Janice Lennard has mastered the art of discipline and relaxation with passion and persistence. The Yoga & Pilates instructor attributes her fit lifestyle to having studied and practiced yoga, ballet and pilates for over 65 years. Lennard has dedicated her life to this. She instructs classes seven days a week in Rancho Mirage, Calif. […]

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    Dick’s Launches 1st Ad Targeting Females

    Women’s activewear has seen a major booming, Dick’s Sporting Goods is prepping its first ad campaign aimed directly at fitness-minded women. This is Dick’s first ad to target women specifically in the retailer’s broader “Who Will You Be?” campaign that launched in March. In the 60 second ad, women must juggle their busy lives to meet […]

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    Viral Fitness Video Uncovers A Sad Truth

    A YouTube video that shows how even a fitness guru can be self-conscious about her body shines a light on how nobody is exempt from disliking their appearance. The fact of the matter is everyone dislikes something about their appearance. YouTube fitness star Cassey Ho has spent six years creating online fitness courses for her […]

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    Why This Woman Celebrates Her Herpes Anniversary

    Writer Ella Dawson opened up about the “tidal wave of shame” she felt when she first found out she had genital herpes. Through the support of her family and friends, she’s gained the strength to speak out and combat the stigma of the sexually transmitted infections. Dawson was diagnosed two years ago, her “first instinct was […]

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    Desiring Intimacy? Meditation Is Key

    Meditation And Intimacy Are Closely Linked According to Buddhist teacher Michael Stone, Climate change, economic inequality, and a crisis of intimacy  are the three major issues facing our world today. Our intimacy issues are preventing deep engagement with our communities and the environment. So how can we learn to have healthy intimacy? Intimacy is a practice […]

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    Invigorate Your Life With A New Playlist!

    Girl, sometimes you need a change of scenery. You’ve had the same playlist on repeat at the gym all year, right? Well stop being the same old you, its time to broaden your horizons! By changing up what you listen to, you can make your workouts feel new: Songza recruits popular instructors and boutique studios […]

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    What’s in Your Tampons?

    According to Representative Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), the average woman will use over 16,800 tampons and sanitary pads in her lifetime. However, not many women out there know much about the materials that go into those products. The Robin Danielson Act is a bill named for a woman who died of Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) in 1998. The […]

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    Trainer To The Stars Body-Sculpting Video

    Can You Already Feel The Burn? Watch the Downtown trainer Taryn Toomey’s 75-minute method “The Class”that commands cultish levels of devotion from her loyal clients, including Christy Turlington Burns and Naomi Watts. Source: Vogue

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    Woman Loses 40 Pounds By Being Herself

    Jamie Mendell is sharing her inspiring story to prove that you have to transform your outlook before you can transform your body. Before she started on her journey to looking amazingly fit, she weighed 160 pounds. By the time she finished her process, she weighed in at 120 pounds.   Lifestyle Change I went on my […]

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    Mother of 3 Reflects on Her College Abortion, And Daughter’s Futures

    In 2007, when she got pregnant while attending college, Kirke didn’t feel ready to raise a child, nor did she want to be permanently tied to her college boyfriend. The decision weighed down on her as she got the procedure without anesthesia. She couldn’t pull together enough money to cover the additional expense after emptying […]