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    10 Of The Best Spring Beauty Instagrams

    Can You Top These Beauty Spring Time Instagrams? Put those sweaters in the closet and bring out the trampoline! A perfect storm of a perfect mess. Constance Jablonski took her hair routine outdoors. Flowers are blooming, engages are happening, and springs is just getting started! These ladies are ready to debut their masterpiece. Someone loves […]

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    Japan Has A New Weird Beauty Trend: Looking Sick

    Japan’s New Beauty Trend Is Inspired by Anime No these Japanese girls are not in any danger of allergies, but they are making a fashion statement! They’re wearing the new Tokyo trend known as “me no shita chiiku,” which means “undereye blush”. It is candy-colored blooms painted exaggeratedly high on the cheekbones and, as the […]

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    5 Things You Must Do Before Going Under The Knife

    5 Things You Need To Do Before Going Under The Knife   According to a recent survey conducted by, 1 in 5 women are actively and strongly pursuing plastic surgery. Although it doesn’t seem to mean much on its own, it is important for every woman out there to know what you should ask your […]

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    When Fashion Meets Technology, Only The Awesomeness Will Survive

    Sci Fi Fashion Is In Our Midst Frog Design Inc. will be discussing some futuristic concepts of wearable drones  at South by Southwest Interactive in Austin, Texas, from March 13 to March 17. This is the year that Fashion & Wearable Tech will debut which will explore new ties between fashion, art, culture and technology. Imagine a […]

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    Rihanna Becomes Dior’s 1st Black Model!

    Rihanna Is Dior’s First Black Model! Dior, the iconic French fashion house shocked everyone last week when they signed Rihanna. Steven Klein did an extensive photo shoot for the super-star singer last week for the fourth installment of Dior’s “Secret Garden” campaign in Versailles. Each prior installment has starred a model rather than a celebrity. […]

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    How IMG Finds Models Through Instagram

    The Process IMG Uses To Find Models On Instagram It wasn’t until this past December that the model scouts from IMG have implemented a new quicker, and simple process for finding models on Instagram. The modeling mega-agency created a dedicated division for that purpose alone. “We Love Your Genes,” also known as #WLYG. All girls […]

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    The Future Of e-Commerce Upstarts Depend On These Women!

    CEO of Rent The Runway Says They Need To Put UPS and Fed-Ex Out Of Business! Retail meetings aren’t always the most explosive and exciting meetings of all time. However, a meeting between the CEO of Rent the Runway- Jenniffer Hyman, the CEO of StitchFix- Katrina Lake, and Sephora chief digital officer Julie Bornstein brought many […]