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    An Interview With Kim Kardashian’s Makeup Artist

    Contouring Is A Complicated Process Lets take a moment to examine Kim Kardashian’s face, what is the origin of such ‘perfection’ that everyone seems to be obsessed with? Well for one, it is shaped in an oval shape, a very feminine and beautiful frame. It is preternaturally smooth, and above all, it has really beautiful […]

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    Truth About Vlogging, With Evelina Barry

    Vlogging Is Serious Business 25-year-old Evelina Barry has been vlogging for about 5 years now, she started since 2010. It all started as a way of making friends while at college but it soon turned into a fully-fledged profession. Evelina Barry’s vlogging took off and now has 950,000 YouTube subscribers. A profession she has down to […]

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    “Salon Style” Exhibition In Harlem Examines Choices We Make In Beauty

    Beauty salon menus offer endless possibilities! The Studio Museum in Harlem, in particular, offers even more than that for women who are historically oppressed and disenfranchised. The hair and nail choices here carry even more significance. More than just signifiers of style, hair and nails become formidable political statements. Think of how athletes whose physique […]

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    Hilarious Quotes From Older Wise Women

    Patricia Field“I feel that trends go against individualism and would not suggest following trends. Ban the trend!” Meryl Streep “I couldn’t care less about fashion. If I had taken any clothes home [from The Devil Wears Prada set], they would have remained in my closet for the rest of their existence,” Fran Lebowitz “While clothes […]

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    Memorable Moments In Powersuits

    Memorable Moments Of Women In Powersuits You can look but you won’t find an outfit that screams “career woman” more quite like a power suit. This boxy suit became the uniform for pop-culture representations of working women. Now that there is a far wider variety in jobs for women, women have abandoned the stiff button-ups for more […]

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    The Best Spring Make Up Trends

    NEW Fashionable Spring Make Up Trends Spring makeup tends USED to look like bronze skin, glossy lips and soft, pastel eyes. This spring however, the beauty on the runway threw everyone a few surprises in the form of seriously smoky shadow, vivid red lips and strokes of brilliant color. Smoke Show Purple Haze   Bare […]

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    Best Beauty Looks of March 2015

    Top Beauty Looks For March 2015 The top best beauty looks of March 2015! These ladies are looking fantastic AND FLAWLESS! These stars grace those red carpets and premiers with some absolutely lovely style- each their own. LILY JAMES AT THECINDERELLA UK PREMIERE KALEY CUOCO AT THE 23RD ANNUAL ‘A NIGHT AT SARDI’S’ TO BENEFIT […]

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    Goodwill’s New Boutiques Are Trending In Style

    Goodwill Is Leading A Change Among Thrift Stores Remember when Mackelmore transformed something that no one uses into the new “in” thing with his ‘Thrift Shop’ single? While that catchy tune did wonders for Goodwill and other thrift stores, today, it looks like they’re doing just fine on their own. Goodwill has been quietly transforming […]

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    How The “Plus Size” Label Is Dropping

    No More Labeling, Just Celebrate One’s Beauty There is a movement in the fashion industry and modeling scene that is pushing for rules to be broken. I’m talking about the “plus size” label. 21 year old model Stefania Ferrario wears a UK size of 12,  and would like everyone to stop their bullshit labeling now please. […]

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    Staying Classy With In Your Work Outfits

    A Woman’s Clothes Is A Powerful Statement When it comes to a professional setting, you have to keep it classy ladies. Here is a collage of work outfits that you can mimic to look stunning at work, as if you would be in a bikini at the beach. Source: Marie Claire

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    Subtle Yet Amazing Tattoos

    The Art Of Tattoos Pays Fine Attention To The Tiniest Detail Have you ever heard the phrase that says: “Some of the most caring and loving people are covered in tattoos and sometimes the most judgemental people you meet go to church on Sundays.” Well good thing we’re living in 2015 now, and the taboo of […]