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    Best Places To Find True California Girl Vintage Style

    The Top Vintage Thrift Shops Bethany Cosentino is one of the Golden State’s proudest and most fashionable ambassadors. She is the leader of the aptly named indie band Best Coast and has crafted a sound that is distinctly Angeleno. Cosentino’s personal style is so diverse that it almost seems as if she time travels just to get […]

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    Anti-Aging Treatments That You Need To Know About

    Stop The Aging At An Early Stage! With modern technology, there are many cutting-edge tools that help take control of the aging process. But for the ones that don’t want to go to the extreme, there are now great options that give subtle, natural-looking results without a lot of downtime. These small, minimally invasive treatments can help […]

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    Beyoncé Sports The Apple Watch!

    Beyoncé Gets Down With The Apple Beyoncé received this  18-carat-gold Apple Watch Edition, with custom all-gold link bracelet (Karl Lagerfeld was the first celeb seen sporting this tech bauble). B  was seen wearing the watch at Coachella this past weekend. She even posted a photo of her glittering wrist to her personal photo blog. There […]

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    The Evolution Of Beauty

    If you think makeup and styles of makeup are at their peak today, you’re wrong. Women have been revolutionizing beauty styles since the dawn of history. Standards of beauty are fluid and ever-changing because beauty is in the eye of the beholder. “100 Years of Beauty” series, which documents the changes in several cultures over […]

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    Victoria Secret Is To Become A Fast-Fashion Brand

    Victoria’s Secret Is Getting Into Fast Fashion The lingerie brand revealed to analysts that it is working on speeding up its design and restocking processes. “Basically almost all of our panties today are on some kind of speed program,” CEO Sharen Turney said in a conference call. “And those speed programs allow us to read the […]

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    Model With Down Syndrome Walks NY Fashion Week Runway

    Jamie Brewer Is A Legendary Woman Jamie Brewer is indeed a historic woman, and how thankful are to have such a strong willed woman! Jamie Brewer has made history by becoming the first model affected by down syndrome to walk in the most recent New York Fashion Week Runway. This is what Jamie had to say Young […]

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    Celebrities Are Flocking To This $170 Face Oil

    Why Celebrities Can’t Get Enough Of Linda Rodin’s Face Oil Linda Rodin was a 60’s model who was seeking to amplify her beauty. It began in her bathroom. She had vials of essential oils lined up on the sink. Linda Rodin mixed them carefully, incrementally, with the precision of a DNA scientist. Five drops, two drops, […]

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    Getting A Caftan Summer Body

    Summer is coming up and you know what that means! Women’s publications are in full bikini-body crisis mode. For example, a Vogue headline blares, “How to Get a Beach Body in Two Weeks.” Self magazine might as well display a visible forehead vein: Get that bikini body or else! These articles emphasize a ridiculous regimen of […]

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    Polyvore Launches An App For Instant Styling Advice

    Can This New App Save Their Company? It’s not always easy to keep tabs on fashion’s fast-moving trends and before you know it someone is starting a trend without even realizing it. Remix is a new iPhone app just recently released by Polyvore, is the company’s latest attempt to form a bridge between runway inspiration and […]