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    Beauty Secrets They Don’t Want You To Know

    Do you ever wonder why as much as you try to have that perfect makeup application, you never seem to have that magazine look?  Don’t feel bad. No one on this lovely Earth will ever achieve that. You’ve been bombarded with images of ‘beauty’. It’s been thrown at you – your whole life. You must realize […]

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    Instagram Trend #NoThighGap Celebrates Real Thighs

    A thigh gap is the blank space between a woman’s legs. It is sometimes Photoshopped to oblivion by thousands of fashion magazines, and it is a property that is more coveted than anything you’ll find in New York City. HOWEVER! There is a new generation of women transitioning to adulthood in the age of social media is […]

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    Underwear Model Speaks On Power of Image

    Image Is Powerful, Image Is Superficial Cameron Russell is tall, pretty and an underwear model. But she is here to speak up on a topic that almost makes her seem hypocritical. In this fearless talk, she takes a wry look at the industry that had her looking highly seductive at barely 16 years old. TED

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    A Glamour Makeup Tutorial

    STEP 1: Hide Dark Circles ~ Apply a moisturizer with SPF to help concealer glide on smoothly. Remember to only use the concealer where you need it! This will most likely be on undereye circles ad blemishes. Try finding the right concealer that matches your skintone, otherwise you will have two white circles making you […]

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    Ciara’s Show-Stopping Gown

    Ciara showed up to the White House wearing the most beautiful peace of clothing to have ever existed. The occasion was the State Dinner honoring Japan’s prime minister Shinzo Abe, as well as her first public date with Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. They both looked STUNNING. She wore a Champagne-colored, super-slinky gown by Walter Mendez, and […]

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    No Make-Up! Charlize Theron & Cindy Crawford Hit the Streets

    Putting on no makeup is no problem for Charlize Theron! She was spotted near a 7/11 in Culver City, California  sporting a completely fresh-faced look. She was rockin’ some super-casual duds that included an oversize cable-knit sweater and comfy denim jeans. The hot mom had her hair pulled back into a loose ponytail that showed the world […]

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    Get Your Kicks In Color For Spring

    Leave the old and outdated all white sneakers in the closet where they belong! Its spring and you need to put some fun back into your sneaker game. These colorful puppies capture the carefree spirit of spring and also lend a playful touch to everything from printed dresses to basic jeans and a tee.     Just so […]

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    This Season’s Modern Wear

    What To Wear For This Upcoming Season Of Modern Wear Gladiator boots Stomp this season’s competition with a pair of ultra-fierce knee boots. A key piece on the SS15 runways, they added a tough edge to chiffon layers at Alexander McQueen and lace blouses at Givenchy. These are usually paired with a romantic black gown […]

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    Expanding The Colors Of The “Nude Shoe”

    Its been 2 years since Christian Louboutin released his first capsule collection of  nude shoes. Now, he’s released new tones for his collection. At Bergdorf Goodman yesterday, he revealed varying silhouettes, which he says were inspired by the desire to offer shades that matched different women from around the world. He enlisted Shiona Turini, Jane Keltner de […]

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    Stars Who Celebrate Their Natural Beauty

    Its A Celebration Of Natural Beauty~ “Afternoon Camel pose, and then off to MusiCares to celebrate Bob Dylan! What a crazy weekend! namaste bitches” “It’s Afro Day at my house! #inbetweenhairstyles “in bed in paris with my acne cream on”   “Hey #moms #westillgotit ❤️ #loveyourbod” “Long day. Feels good to just be #HOME lol […]