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    Sisterhood Of The Traveling Bohemian Rhapsody

    Friendship Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This!     I had to stop for a bit and say: “IS THIS FOR REALS?” These girls make up SketchShe, the Australian female comedy trio with a cheeky and brazen mixed bag of sketches and characters. Makes you wanna pick up some of their choreography doesn’t it? Enjoy! […]

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    Putting Women On The Map!

    This App Is Putting Women On The Map! Non-profit movement SPARK, is teaming up with the Field Trip App, to help put women on the maps! Thanks to some new upgrades, when app users log into Field Trip and switch on the history notifications, they are  alerted when they are approaching the exact location where a […]

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    Statistics Since 1995 , Where Women Are Now

    Statistics Since 1995 Show Where Women Are Now Since The 1995 Fourth World Conference On Women in Beijing, the Clinton Foundation headed by Hilary Clinton, No Ceilings: The Full Participation Report, a reportive and comprehensive look at the progress women have made in these past two decades. What has been found?   Some good news: The amount […]

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    Princess of Saudi Arabia Launches Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign!

    Princess Reema Is Making History In Saudi Arabia By Launching A Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign! Many women out there are pioneering breast cancer awareness, even in places where education in this type of topic is lacking. Princess Reema introduced 10KSA (for 10,000 in Saudi Arabia), a far-reaching breast cancer and health awareness campaign that will be an […]

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    She Was Fired For Being Pregnant

    She Was Fired For Being Pregnant! For many mothers out there, the fact that the United States fails to guarantee paid maternity leave can be an immense obstacle. However to top it all off, the courts can’t even uphold the right of pregnant employees to continue working at their jobs. When Peggy Young became pregnant […]

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    This Video Is For EVERY Woman, And Especially Mothers.

    This video for all those mothers out there, those who might not be conventional, or who might have no children but have suffered miscarriages, step-mothers, adopted mothers, etc. Your journey to motherhood is unique and should be celebrated. This video is a reminder that everyone’s definition of “mother” is important and Missy Lanning shares her experiences as […]

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    Watch This If You Need To Be Reminded How Amazing You Are!

    As self critical and negative we can all get about ourselves, here’s a Visual Poem by YouTube user Meghan Rienks who explains that you are so much more than you think. “You are not your grades or your jean size or anxiety and depression,” she says. “You are not your past. You’re not defined by […]