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    10 Things Women Want Their Men To Know

    10 Things Women Want Their Men To Know But Wont Say 1. Put In the Effort Put in the effort in order to see the fruitage!Its not all about the bedroom, it goes a lot further than that. When a woman lets you into her life it’s a very important and sensual thing. Doing something really […]

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    Financial Situations That Women Should Plan For

    Don’t Get Caught Up With No Savings In Case Something Happens Men and women are different down to the penny. Yes, the penny. Women experience unique financial situations compared to the men. True, there are NO “one size fits all” approach to financial planning, but for women in particular, there are certain stages in a woman’s […]

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    There Is A 90% Chance That Carly Fiorina Will Seek Presidency

    Carly Fiorina Might Seek Presidency In 2016 The former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina let us in on the big news on Sunday. She will likely seek the Republican nomination for president in 2016!! During an interview on “Fox News Sunday,” Fiorina said there is a “higher than 90 percent” chance that she will run for […]

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    Partnership Between UN Women And Uber Has Ended

    There Are Things That You Just Can’t Sugar Coat The partnership between UN Women and Uber was dismissed after UN Women found the actual purpose of their collaboration. Uber prides itself in developing, marketing and operating a app-based taxi-like transportation network in which people are given the option to have a driver take them anywhere […]

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    A New Major Force Emerges: Women In Technology

    Women In Technology There is a major force that has emerged this year at South By Southwest: Women in technology. A greater number of women made important speeches, were featured speakers, spoke on panels and attended the conference . One these women in particular was Jessica Alba. Actress Jessica Alba (Fantastic Four, Sin City), has […]

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    Facebook Faces Lawsuit After Allegations Of Sexual Harassment

    Facebook Is Getting Sued For Sexual Harassment! Chia Hong, a former employee of Facebook, filed a lawsuit this week against Facebook accusing the company of gender and racial discrimination as well as sexual harassment. She is represented by lawyers who are also invovled in another sexism case. Hong claims she suffered three full years of harassment while […]

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    Wall Street’s Most Powerful Woman Sets Her Eyes On Google

    Wall Street’s Loss Is Silicon Valley’s Gain Ruth Porat revealed her plans on joining Google, after nearly completing three decades at Morgan Stanley (MS). Her new position will be as its new chief financial officer. This will instantly make Porat one of the most powerful women in the tech world! Porat was already had a reputation […]

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    The Best Of The Best Coco Chanel Quotes

    Best Of Coco Chanel Quotes Coco Chanel is an idol within the fashion industry. Coco Chanel defined modern fashion for women everywhere. Thanks to her unparalleled innovative designs, women’s fashions departed from the restrictive garbage that was the norm before World War I to a more casual aesthetic style in clothing. She was the one who started […]

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    Start Having Confidence In Yourself!

    Get Your  Confidence Boost! There are times in which we need to muster up the courage to believe in ourselves. Believe it or not, believing in oneself is much harder to do. Especially when you are told throughout all your life that you will not succeed. Wait a minute, no one has ever said that […]

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    Three 17 Year Olds Are Making This World A Better Place

    These 3 Teens Are Working Hard To Bring Forth Some Changes In The Future The Intel Science Talent Search gave 40 student finalists from across the country were  a chance to show off their research and  win some excellent prizes to help keep it going. These teens are just 3 of many that are leading […]

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    The Magical Power Of The Word

    For Once In Your Life Go With Yes! “No. Don’t wast your time with that.” “No. That doesn’t seem right.” “No. We just can’t afford it right now.” “No. (INSERT ANOTHER LAME EXCUSE HERE).” Its a given, ever since we started to walk and wonder into the kitchen to try to get a tasty treat […]

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    How Most People Are Meeting Their Significant Other These Days

    You Can Rest Assured That There Is Still Enough Fish In The Sea Did you know that online dating now constitutes a $2.2-billion-dollar industry? Wow those are quite the numbers. It seems that every time we visit the app store, there’s another newly-launched app that promises to help us meet “The One” — or at least […]