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    Glamour’s Confidence Chief

    Success, To Each Their Own Women in business are some of the most potent forces out there, that drive needs to spread to women throughout the executive ladder. There are valid confidence lessons for women in “Lean In,” says Cindi Leive, the editor in chief of Glamour magazine. However women need to be cautious to […]

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    Significant Growth In Women Who Code

    There Has Been A Significant Growth In Women Who Code For  A Living There are very few women who code and do many of the the stuff that you don’t see on the internet. It’s mostly viewed as another typical ‘boy job’. However when you look at the facts, the numbers are multiplying! And its […]

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    Nancy Twine Is The Youngest Black Female Entrepreneur At Sephora

    Now She Runs Her Own Beauty Line Nancy Twine is one of the many self-made women out there who have achieved success through much hardship. When Nancy Twine reached her 30th birthday, she had left a successful career as an executive at Goldman Sachs, launched her own beauty line, was offered opportunities from Sephora. Briogeo, her […]

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    Fusion Is Pursuing A New Generation Of News Junkies

    Hillary Frey On Targeting Millenials Fusion has its eyes locked onto its target: the millenials. They are seeking to actually create a new generation of “news junkies”. Hillary Frey is the current Director of global news operations at Fusion, who before was the Editorial director at What sudden changes can she bring forth for the […]

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    Younger Generations Watch More Than 22 Hours of Online Video a Week!

    Research and studies conducted by Hunter Qualitative Research and child psychologists at KnoWhy Research, found that watching content online instead of on TV is the new normal for young millennials and even younger Generation Z’ers. The average survey taker viewed 11.3 hours of free online video (on sites like YouTube) and 10.8 hours of subscription […]

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    From Taboo To Business, You Can Do It Too

    It Is Okay For It To Be Taboo Chia Chia Sun is the CEO and founder of Damiva that develops all-natural, over-the-counter women’s health and personal care products. Thanks to her guest blogger appearance at Women 2.0, we have a more in-depth look on how you too can start a business from something that no woman likes to […]

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    New York City Plans On Making 5,000 Women Entrepreneurs

    A Partnership Aims To Provide Aspiring Female Business Owners A new partnership with Citigroup aims to provide free help to aspiring female business owners. The program, Woman Entrepreneurs NYC (WE NYC), will develop over the next three years and is targeted at  women who might otherwise struggle to find ways to get their businesses off the ground. WE […]

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    Referrals Can Be Found All Around You

    A World Of Referrals Its important to leave a good impression when befriending new people. Why? Because we are all, each and every day, standing in the middle of referrals. We simply need to put our minds to work in order to hear them. For that to happen, we need to start by listening for the […]

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    Spielberg/Goldwyn Daughters – Blockbuster Hits On SnapChat

    Spielberg And Goldwyn Keep It In The Family Business When you have Spielberg and Goldwyn (as in Steven Spielberg and John, Samuel Jr./ Samuel Sr.) its not that difficult to try to get into the film industry. But if you’re a millennial Spielberg/Goldwyn and are trying to make our way in a medium disconnected from your […]

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    Hard Candy’s Founder Built The Beauty Brand From Her College Dorm

    She Built Her Own Beauty Business Starting From Her College Dorm   It all started back in 1995 when Alicia Silverstone ‘accidentally’ helped launch the beauty career of Hard Candy founder Dineh Mohajer. David Letterman had asked the actress about the baby blue nail polish she was wearing during an appearance on his show, everything […]

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    Best And Worst Paying Cities For Women

    Something You Should Consider If You Plan On Moving~ International Women’s Day is meant to celebrate achievements among women, and to promote greater equality around the world. The United States has shown growth in some areas, but continues to struggle to close the gender wage gap. In 2013, themedian annual earnings of men were $48,520. Women […]