Before Fifty Shades Of Grey, There Was…

Fifty Shades Of Grey Wasn’t The First Book To Drop Some Panties

Yes ladies, there was a life before Fifty Shades Of Grey. Here are just some of the very first and very best books.

1. Kama Sutra by Vātsyāyana

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Before turning into a series of educational sex movies, it was an informative sexual manual from the second century India, The Kama Sutra. It is considered one of the first works of erotica.

2. The Crossfire Series by Sylvia Day

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This book is only second to the popular Fifty Shades of Grey. It his steadfastly growing, and has taken over many chart ratings. This book focuses on the relationship of a young couple who discover that they are both victims of childhood sexual abuse. It is truly a light bringer.

3. Vox by Nicholson Baker

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This 1992 novel chronicles two people’s phone sex conversations. Vox was on the New York Time’sbestsellers list for quite some time. Fun fact: This book also compelled Monica Lewinsky to gift a copy to Bill Clinton.

4. Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov

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A story that features a relationship between a middle aged man and a 12 year old girl, this novel certainly shocked audiences when it was first released in 1955. It was so controversial that it was banned by the French Government and rejected by many publishers. Today, its a perfect example of the 20th century erotic literature.

5. Fanny Hill, Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure by John Cleland

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Another controversial book was Fanny Hill, originally released in 1749 but rose to fame in the 1960’s. It was one of the first major works of English erotica. These times were more simple, more sensitive towards this kind of literature. So Cleland had to hide much of the sexuality in innuendos and metaphors.

6. Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller

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This book was The Guardian’s No. 59 from its list of 100 best novels is The Tropic of Cancer. This 1934 novel was written and published in Paris during the times of Fitzgerald’s Tender is the Night. It was a novel that was highly discouraged in America and the UK.

7. Delta of Venus by Anaïs Nin

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Delta of Venus is a series of short erotic stories  that was written mostly in the 1940s. The series is full of a wide range of sexual taboos. Its author Nin had passed away before it was published, and today its considered a pioneer in female-written pornography.

8. The Story of O by Anne Desclos

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This pornographic book was written under the pseudonym Pauline Reage, and was published 51 years ago. Ten years after being published, a female journalist, Anne Desclos,  revealed she penned the book in honor of her secret lover. Because of this, the book is now considered a national triumph in France.

Source: Mashable