Basketball Coach C. Vivian Stringer Explodes In An Outrage

Basketball Coach Urges For Upgraded Facilities


Hall of Fame coach C. Vivian started her post-practice interview with a small group of reporters. And yes she was clearly speaking her mind. The way her team’s seeding was unjust. She put the NCAA Tournament selection committee on the spot for sending Rutgers to Conneticut to play its instate rival and perhaps meet their longtime nemesis on the Huskie’s homefloor.

It didn’t end there, she then was asked about the proposal presented by state Sen. Richard Codey (D-Essex) who called on administrators from Rutgers and Seton Hall to work together to stage a doubleheader pertaining to their men’s and women’s basketball programs.

“You know what I think would be great for Jersey basketball? Why don’t we get a $50 million god darn arena? How’s that? That’s what I think would be real great. Because you try recruiting to this. Have you gone to the other facilities? Come on, people. Let’s get involved in the things we need to do.

And I’ll play everybody, anybody, whenever they get ready. I need a facility so that we can attract the same kinds of kids that everybody else does. I’m sitting up here and I walk into that facility at Ohio State — are you kidding me? It’s the most incredible thing there is.

We gotta do more than just talking. We gotta do something about this. NJIT, how much are they spending on a facility? Please.” -Stringer

No Stringer was not having it. These were the first comments on the issue of Rutger facilities after state Sen. Raymond Lesniak (D-Union) flamed some officials at the state university for not doing enough to support the men’s basketball program while calling for an achievable plan to upgrade the 38 year old facility.

“Here’s our problem: When our kids walk in other places, I’m embarrassed,” Stringer said. “I walk into the University of Maryland and they’ve got a place where these kids can practice the dunk. When I came from the University of Iowa, the weights were women’s weights because our shoulders aren’t as broad as guys. Everything was tailored down. Everything was catered. You’re thinking, ‘That’s pretty darn good,’ because you know that people care and everybody wants to be cared for.”

Stringer implied that her program is struggling to take the next step because of the lack of a new facility.

“I’m seeing the real big picture,” she said. “We need to bring the big-time people in here. We’re not getting the same level quality of depth. We’re not getting it. What I’m suggesting is there are a lot of things that are in play. But this is kind of a fixable thing. This is really fixable. We need to take advantage of the talent we have.

“There could a lot of reasons for us not getting back, but I promise you’ve got to have the quality of depth. And people might say, ‘Just get them.’ Just get them?’ You know what’s happening at other places?”