An Anonymous Brooklyn Street Artist Is Producing Anti-Hillary Clinton Posters

This Artist Really Dislikes Hillary Clinton


A Brooklyn street artist has been busy pasting anti-Clinton signs throughout the area. This is also happens to be where the hopeful candidate plans to set up  campaign headquarters.

The Clinton signs are unflattering, showing the presidential candidate’s face in harsh black-and-white tones, with a cheesy painterly effect. The image is captioned by the text “Don’t Say. . .” followed by a variety of negative adjectives often used to describe Clinton, including “Entitled,” “Ambitious,” and “Secretive.”

These signs started to appear around Brooklyn on Saturday night, and have been heavily documented on social media.

It is unclear whether the creator of the signs is using them to protest Clinton’s candidacy or target the threats by Hillary supporters against journalists.

 Time magazine recently profiled residents of the Brooklyn Heights neighborhood where Clinton is reportedly setting up shop, and many of them were less than thrilled about the news.

It means more inconvenience, more traffic, more hassle, but she doesn’t care, you can write that I find her loathsome.”  said local art dealer Philip Stevenson

The art world has been largely supportive of past presidencies. Artists haven’t treated Clinton with graciousness. Tracey Moffat created a more refined homage in her 2005 work Hillary R. Clinton from the Under the sign of Scorpio series in which the artist donned a costume to appear as her subject and photoshopped herself against a celestial backdrop.

Source: Art News