American Apparel’s New Marketing Strategy Is Exposing Their Model’s Body Parts

American Apparel’s New Marketing Scheme Is Not Saving Their Bankruptcy

For several years, people in the fashion industry have been pondering the same question: What can American Apparel do to turn around its failing business?

In most recent news, they have filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, ousted controversy-prone founder Dov Charney, hired (and fired) several other high-powered company executives and even purchased another hip, up-and-coming brand. But nothing seems to work.

american2The brand’s newly appointed decision-makers, Senior Vice President of Marketing Cynthia Erland, have gone through with a seemingly flawless plan:  fame: nipplespubic hair and curves. Those belonging to American Apparel’s models, specifically. american3American Apparel is known for its diversity and its extreme ad campaigns.Back in 2013, they posted an open casting called for “Transexy” transgender and transexual models. This was met with much appreciation from many media outlets. Fastfoward a year and a half later and we have THIS: american1

It is rather obvious that their trying to pull every stunt in order to stay in business, but erasing body parts and shapes can’t and won’t erase years of questionable leadership and financial woes. This will proliferate the unfortunate notion that female bodies, in all their beauty and uniqueness, aren’t meant to be seen by everyone and their mother.

Source: Fashionista