7 Powerful Questions That Will Help You Find Your Life Purpose

Take Time And Ponder On These Questions That Might Help You Find Your Purpose

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1. As a child, what were you passionate about?

As a child, was there something you would do nonstop without getting tired? From drawing and coloring to building figurines, children are actively encouraged to follow their passions. More often than we should we often stop doing the things we were passionate about as a child. Often, this occurs because of the lack of time, or pressure from society to pursue something that comes with a solid financial reward.

Today take time to consider your childhood passions. Do you still practice your childhood passions? If not, why? Would you try to go back to your roots?

2. If you didn’t have a job, how would you fill those missing hours?

Where would you go and what would you do? You have unlimited time to do whatever it is to make you happy, would you go diving, would you paint the next Mona Lisa? Write down a few ways you would spend your free time, and then try one out on your next day off.

3. What makes you forget about the world around you?

When you are working on something that you love,  you most likely lose track of time. Sometimes this happens and its a clear sign that you’re doing something right!When is the last time you felt this way?

4. What topics do you care about the most?

What topics do you like to read about? What takes your attention and what makes you want to learn more about? Maybe there is something out there that you might love and you’re not even aware about it!

5. What conversations do you have with your closest friends?

Next time you’re having a really good conversation with your friend take not of what is being discussed because you might be finding yourself talking about subjects that you actually find interesting and fun. Are there any subjects that you repeatedly bring up to talk about? This is often a great indicator of your life purpose.

6. What would you put on your bucket list?

What would you do if today was your last day? The question is always there and pretty much everyone in the world has asked themselves this. Creating a bucket list is a great way to discover your life purpose, as the list will show you the activities you believe to be important and emotionally fulfilling.

7. If you had a dream, could you make it happen?

Many people have dreams, but because of the fear of failure that is all they will ever be – a dream.  Start thinking about your dream in a more positive light, asking yourself ‘How can I make this happen?’ instead of telling yourself you won’t succeed.

Do something every week that helps you to make your dreams come true.

Inspired by Lifehack