5 Easy Tips That Will Maximize Your Nap

Need Help In Taking Healthy Naps?

Aris Sanchez

Taking a nap is like restarting your computer, sometimes you just need to do it in order to feel that feeling of re-freshness. Naps are amazing because they can recharge your batteries during the day, if for any reason they are giving out on you.

1. Coffee “Naps”

According to scientists, a quick “coffee naps” are proving to be more effective than regular naps. If you have some caffeine  before a 20-minute nap, the caffeine will kick in by the time you’re awake.

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2. Time Those Amazing Naps!

Make sure what kind of nap is best for you before taking it.

Are you wanting to store some energy with a nap before that big test? Then take a 90-minute nap. Experiments have shown that people taking 90-minute naps performed 40% better on memory and creativity tests after the fact, and they also performed better than people who took shorter naps, or no naps at all.

A 10-minute nap is ideal for a quick burst of energy, without the feeling of grogginess that typically comes after a long nap.

Don’t mind overcoming that grogginess? Then for a 20- to 30-minute nap. You’ll still get cognitive boosts and feel alert.

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3. Don’t Take Any Naps Past 5 P.M

WARNING! Taking a nap too close to bed timeNapping too close to nighttime can disrupt your sleeping schedule, especially if you already have trouble sleeping through the night. Experts recommend taking a nap anytime before 5 P.M

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4. Chug Some Icy Cold Water Right After Your Nap

If you feel the grogginess of sleep inertia after taking your nap, grab a glass of cold water and chug chug chug! It’s a quick, simple way to beat that type of disorientation.

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5. Your Naps Shouldn’t Be Limited To Your Bed

Any expert morning napper on the subway or frequent air traveler could tell you knows this, you are NOT limited to napping on your bed. Wherever the feeling may strike, go for it.  N

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