10 Things Women Want Their Men To Know

10 Things Women Want Their Men To Know But Wont Saywhat women want

1. Put In the Effort

Put in the effort in order to see the fruitage!Its not all about the bedroom, it goes a lot further than that. When a woman lets you into her life it’s a very important and sensual thing. Doing something really special for no reason, or finding a creative way to make her day better or more special will go a long way with her. Once you’ve won her affection, do not think its everything is fine and dandy, no, you need to keep it that way.

2. Chivalry is not dead

There’s this loosely celebrated relationship phrase  “chivalry is dead.” When someone says this, they are probably secretly saying “I’m extremely lazy and self centred.” Now, dudes, before you get out your undies in a twist (or begin to write an “equality” speech) – just stop. You should be 100% proud of your lady, but becareful! She isn’t going to be 100 percent yours and your world. It’s crucial that you show her consistently how much she means to you. This isn’t necessarily done verbally with an overwhelming shower of “I love you.” Its not even about holding the door, saying please or thank you, or even being kind to others, but those are all encouraged.  Paying attention to her is the purest form of chivalry.

3. Don’t hear her, LISTEN to her

Everyone can be pretty awful at listening. Not listening to one’s partner isn’t one flaw that is shared more with men than with women. Some women prefer both of those things the majority just want to talk about their crappy day, or lacklustre boss, or friend who’s a bridezilla. It’s often played off as a joke in pop culture, but you should want to listen to her. Don’t ever think of this as a chore because what happens if she wants to find someone else that WILL listen?

4. They’re extremely intuitive

It’s a known fact that women are more in tact with the emotional side. Based on your body language, eyes, hands, feet, stance, posture, and a myriad of other characteristics about you they’ve closely, but unconsciously studied during your time dating, they know when you’re lying. They know when you’re deceitful. They usually know when you’re cheating. Don’t cheat them, both figuratively and literally. They’ll know.

5. They don’t normally dress up for you, bro

Sometimes you might  wonder why women need those extra 30 minutes before leaving somewhere when they said they would be ready in 15. Sorry to break it to you but if she’s already with you, then chances are she isn’t getting ready to please you… or to please some other man.Sadly, women are very critical of each other even when they don’t know them. They’ll notice the extra jiggle, or pound, or wrinkle almost unconsciously. It make some feel better. Therefore, let her take all the time she needs. If you go nowhere, neither will she.

what women want2

6. Women love bad boys, but mom doesn’t

The cat is out of the bag now! Yes, most women have always wanted to wrap their arms around that chiselled six pack of a tattoo’d bad boy on a motorcycle. But calm down! You don’t need to worry about this. Why? Fantasies are just fantasies, they aren’t real and if it came down to it, that’s who she’d choose. She wants a guy that has more depth than an inside-outside knowledge of a 1967 Chevy El Camino engine. Looks fade to the true self hiding beneath in time.

7. They want to see you have a spine

BE A MAN! A lot of men, especially those with girlfriends who’re “out of their league” want to bend over backwards for their lover. Oh no buster, every woman wants a mans man.  However, It’s one thing to be a genuine gentleman, but DO NOT be a “yes” man. Most women secretly hate it. On the contrary, there’s no need to be an overly know-it-all jerk.

8. Sometimes Women Fake

Once again, women will often take your feelings into account even when not even you would take your feelings into account. This is when women lie. They fake wanting to go see your distant cousin in Idaho. They fake orgasms. Behavior affects mood and mood affects behavior. If someone is truly unhappy they will often often mask it with a “fake it till you make it” mentality. . Truth is, there’s little you can do to get around this or combat it other than having an honest conversation about it. Beware, your chances of getting hurt are high. Your ego, feelings, and manhood might get slightly trampled.

9. Please, please, please…take “guy time”

Relationships aren’t always in the “honeymoon phase,” it may seem like you never want to be separated from this person, which is totally normal. However, if you continue to isolate friends, co-workers, family, hobbies, and the rest of your waking life, you’re going to be in serious trouble. Don’t think she’s offended by “guy time,” unless you’re doing something you blatantly shouldn’t be.

10. They want to remember that you care

Above all, remind her that you still remember. Remind her that you still care and remind her that she is irreplaceable. All of us are insecure about our lovers finding someone “better” or more attractive. There are many things you can do to continue to impress your woman! Always communicate openly and honestly , often conflicts in a relationship, no matter how strong the foundation, result from either miscommunication or misinterpretations.

Source: Life Hack